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Rodney Lewis Design

About Rodney

Rodney is an experience web builder and designer with a long of history of community involvement and support. Heres and excerpt from his website:

“I would love to help you with your website. I can build a website from the ground up or help you fix your existing website. We can work with Django or whatever systems you already have in place. I carefully craft the database at the backend for your data-driven needs, I dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ at the frontend, and I pay equally close attention to detail to everything in between. I carefully walk the tightrope between perfection and completion. Being a member of your team as quarter-, half-, or full-time employment or work as an independent contractor (preferably telecommuting most of the time) would allow me bring my abilities to bear to find solutions to your web presence needs while refining and sharpening my own skills.”

You can contact Rodney on his site by clicking his image.