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Political Ideas

Mom for President, and other political ideas.

Political Ideas

Taking part in her first political actions at the age of 13, Gloria Kalteich, founder and proprietor of Glo-Momma Enterprises is known to have a lot to say about the topics she believes in. That being the case, these pages are intended to share viewpoints on things in such a way as to encourage self education, civil discussions, fact sharing and more importantly actions that can help everyone regardless of party or wealth or employment.

Constitutional Education

Gloria believes that all people in the US should have and carry a US Constitution. Click the image above and she’ll send you one for free.

Freedom Gardens

Based on the WWI and WWII Victory Gardens, Momma Glo believes that growing and sharing our own foods is the key to finding unity and establishing Liberty in the US. For Victory Garden bookmarks click the image above.

Mom For President 2020

While this is project of Glo Momma Enterprises and Gloria Kalteich-it is intended primarily as a reminder that we have yet to have either a woman or a “common citizen” become President. Mom has vision, balances budgets and resolves conflicts. Find out more below.


Voter Registration

One of the most important things we can do in the United States is to vote. Too many without houses to call home feel unable to do so. At Glo-Momma we help register local people to vote while we are conducting other community support activities.

Cannabis Law Reform

With a background in cannabis activism extending back to 1988, in 2006, Gloria Kalteich, with assistance from fellow activists and support from NORML Founder Bruce Margolin, created At the time, there were very few medical dispensaries and recreational cannabis still felt a long way off. Before we needed Leafly and Weedmaps, we needed a single site that brought together a variety of cannabis related groups. In addition to building the website, DANKinfo handed out thousands of fliers between 2006 and 2009 at hemp education events on the West Coast, in the SW and in the Rockies. Each of these contained lists of websites for cannabis advocacy groups, a Bruce Margolin rights card and an 8x11 black and white photo. A few of the posters are of project supporter, Jack Herer. In 2008, DANKinfo worked with attorneys in Oregon to form a 501c4 non profit. Things in cannabis rapidly changed from this point forward and the parties moved into other arenas of reform. It is from this project that the moniker “Dank Momma Glo” was born.

Teddy Bear Protest

Based on the idea that for every person who writes to a legislator, there are 100 in agreement who do not, the Teddy Bears’ Protest is a way to have constituents be more than numbers on a page. The idea is that if a person is writing to their Representative, in addition to a list of signatures or a list of names or statistics, every letter comes accompanied by a paper Teddy Bear for each signer, including the originator of a letter. While a thousand signatures may be an impressive list, it is still a list. When accompanied by a physical representation of each voter, the visual impact is greater. Imagine, instead of a pile of neatly folded paper, your legislator opened and envelope to have 100 or a 1000 six inch paper bears with constituents’ names on them fall on their desk. To find out more, click the picture and like the Teddy Bears Protest on Facebook!