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Patrick Douglass Art and Scenery


Patrick Douglass

If you are looking for a stellar art department member with a focus on scenes, backgrounds, and practical effects, we present Patrick Douglass. Patrick has. been working on music video and feature film projects for more than a decade. Many of his projects have won awards. Take a look at the clips below to get a feel for the types of scenes he creates.


101 Prop Shots

A stunning example of Patrick’s versatility in props and scenery can be seen in this fun flashback video:


Knives and other Toys

Describing his work on this piece as “fun in the sun”, Patrick worked with the team that put together the scenes and props used in this popular video.


Award Winning Features

Patrick has worked on a number of award winning features as well. Here are a few examples:

From movies that explore contemporary issues:

To those that poke a little fun at the industry:

And even somethings you won’t find in storybooks: