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Matters of Mind

Momma Glo believes that together we can accomplish anything


Mind Matters

Here you will find an array of projects whose goals are non-physical, community building or politically oriented. These are projects whose completion is long term, less easily seen, or are in progress. Section one will include information on such events and activities as Canna-Clause and 100 Halloween Hats. Section two will contain information related to the criminal justice system, Mom for President 20/20, Teddy Bears Protest and other like projects. The third section will be dedicated to ongoing projects for which we are seeking partnerships, funding or submissions.


Community Support Efforts

Gloria Kalteich has long been dedicated to helping others have the best lives possible. The activities and events listed here are related to this goal. This is where to look for information on upcoming donation drives, food sharing and like efforts.

Political Ideas

Attending her first rallies before the age of 15, Glo-Momma has been involved in shaping the political landscape of the Pacific NW for nearly 30 years. The information found in this section is related to cannabis law, harm reduction, prison reform, prison labor, the 13th Amendment, Constitutional understanding, and other matters of civic involvement. Whether you are considering attending your first rally-or are an experienced voice running for office-these pages will offer some insight.


Innovation in Progress

Step into the future with Glo Momma Enterprises. Each project contained in this section is a work in progress. Most of these are longer term projects with anticipated time frames of six months to ten years, depending upon scope, participation and funding. No matter what area of focus we share: film, music, art, political change, or community empowerment, the projects here work together to create lasting change that touches each of these. The information contained in these pages is related to ongoing projects an will often require an electronically signed Non-Compete, Non Disclosure Agreement to be on file before being issued a password that will give you full access.