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Community Support Efforts

Here you will find an array of projects whose goals are non-physical, community building or politically oriented. These are projects whose completion is long term, less easily seen, or are in progress. Section one will include information on such events and activities as Canna-Clause and 100 Halloween Hats. Section two will contain information related to the criminal justice system, Mom for President 20/20, Teddy Bears Protest and other like projects. The third section will be dedicated to ongoing projects for which we are seeking partnerships, funding or submissions.



2017 marked the first year of Glo-Momma’s Canna Cause. This Community Support event is one that directly benefits the homeless community in the DT Seattle area. Community Members are encouraged to donate travel size items such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, gloves, hats, sleeping bags, toothbrushes, toothpastes, hand warmers, feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, and other useful items. Socks are always in need and can literally help save a life-as can coats and personal first aide kits. We can also use backpacks. Other items that can be used include: gift certificates for hair cuts and other self care not easily accessible to homeless. We prepare a hot pot of soup and a pile of sandwiches and go out with coffee, cider, cocoa, and these items and share them with anyone in need. Last year, we gave away nearly 50 sleeping bags, 100 sandwiches, and at least 65 bags full of the above items. With our experience, we are hoping to do more. If you would like to take part in Canna-CAuse in any way, please email


100 Hats for Halloween

2018 marks the first year Glo Momma has attempted this project and so far we only have about 12 hats, but they will be delivered with candy in a reverse trick or treat event taking place at 4:20 on Halloween 2018 meet at Coleman Dock. We’ll hand out sandwiches, candy and whatever other warm, useful stuff we can gather.