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Brain Circus

The Mind of Momma Glo is a Circus. These blogs are a continuation of the work done on the original BrainCircus Blog on Wordpress.

Life IS Revolution

As long as we remain oppressed, I will fight

As long as we remain separated, I will fight

As long as we remain in fear of our police instead of comforted by them, I will fight

As long as the People are represented less than the corporation-I will fight

As long as we fight over sex, gender, “race”, money, I will fight.

As long as we do not care for each other, I will fight

My shovel and my rake and my tools are my weapons

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Welcome Back to the Circus!

Welcome to the new Brain Circus Section of This is the blog written by Gloria Kalteich. For a view of what to expect here you can view her previous entries into Brain Circus by clicking on the button below. We hope you enjoy the Circus and look forward to hearing back from you on our work.

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