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Joining crafts and causes for two decades

(Photo Credit: Tom Folvin 2007)

(Photo Credit: Tom Folvin 2007)

Crafts by Glo-Momma

Gloria is an a craftsperson who has little use for the word “garbage”. We live in a world that is constantly struggling with the waste generated by our modern world. She uses reclaimed materials as much as possible, including woods, fabric, plastics, paints, etc., all of which she finds at thrift stores, yard sales, and as freebies. Even such crafts as crocheted hats and blankets or embroidered linens are often made using materials procured this way. To take a look at her available craft projects, click here. This is just an example of currently available items and anyone interested in custom orders of these items: magnets, stickers, t-shirts, beanies, blankets, paintings, or whatnots can email to make arrangements.

Gloria also loves sharing her view of the world with others through the camera lens and has a flair for nature photography and candid shots. At the moment, she shoots primary with a Sony Cybershot camera and the photos pictured are predominantly shot in 1080HD and can be printed to sizes up to 32x40 inches. To see the photos Gloria has selected for print, click this link. More will be added regularly. All photo orders are custom orders and will take up to four weeks to deliver. For rush orders or custom projects email and let’s put it together.

Gloria has been working to translate this love of photo art to video production. In 2018, we quietly created and launched MOIST (Move Over, Its Stoner Time) on youtube. We are working on a number of other projects for this channel. Our limited content can be found here:

We are working on a number of related projects for MOIST, including “The Salty Bitch”, a current events show featuring Momma Glo as well shows which feature on the street interviews, quizzes, and other public outreach profiles. There will be nature videos, crafting and food videos, as well anything else we decide “stoners” might enjoy. As of Spring 2019, there are three videos available.

We are also currently working on a one full length documentary related to teen violence and suicide with the working title “Worth It”. The pitch reel for this project will be available and posted on the MOIST channel by mid June 2019. Information on these projects can be found by checking in with the MOIST. section of our page or by emailing

We will also be posting craft videos related specifically to a planned entry in the Fremont Solstice Parade, taking place June 22, 2019. This year, Momma Glo has planned an ensemble entitled “Forget Me Not” which will feature a 12 foot tall puppet of “Big Bud”, a cannabis mogul reminiscent of the Monopoly Man or Mr. Peanut and Washington State cannabis patients dressed as forget me not flowers. It will be a fun and relevant spectacle of unity to help us remember the roots of legal cannabis and those people who need it for survival or to improve quality of life. Information about this can be found right here.

Gloria Kalteich measures success in her ability to improve the lives of those around her. Please take a look at the politics page and the community support pages when deciding whether to purchase the products and services on this page. Your purchase or donations supports not only Gloria and her family, but these important projects.