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About Momma Glo

Welcome to the internet home of “Momma” Glo Kalteich, multi- faceted creative solutionist and communitarian.

Gloria (DANKMomma Glo) Kalteich is a lifelong writer, creator and problem solver with a multi-industry background that demonstrates her versatility and perseverance. Growing up with both boot straps in hand, Gloria has learned to overcome obstacles through her both life experience and in management of food service, market research, telephone sales/interviewing, event planning and general management and operations.

Leaving home the first time at thirteen, Gloria already was a proficient housekeeper, cook, animal caretaker, babysitter, and gardener. On her own for the first time, yet still under the age of legal employment, she supported herself through a variety of odd jobs. These included helping friends vend at festivals, window washing, housecleaning, baby sitting, and at fourteen her first job in a fast food establishment..

After a short stint at back home where she worked for father’s painting crew, Gloria, at sixteen, began nine years of food service during which she was employed at as many restaurants-always with increasing management duties. Then followed eight years of market research experience before leaping headlong into entrepreneurial efforts in 2006. Employment gaps were filled with temporary work in sales, inventory counting, retail, and other odd jobs.

Gloria also has a long history of activism. First educated on petitioning methods, cannabis law and criminal justice reform in Portland, OR in 1988, she has a thirty year history fighting for these reforms. In her efforts, she has worked with or volunteered for a variety of organizations including the Cannabis Defense Coalition, The Million Marijuana (Global Cannabis) March in Seattle, Emerald Empire Hempfest, Missoula Hempfest and a variety of other groups, including Seattle Hempfest where she is a five time speaker/panelist on the topics of prison labor and the practice of secular entheogenic humanism.

She has not only worked for legalization of cannabis, but has worked within the medical cannabis community for more than a decade. This work includes volunteering for CannaCare in 2006-2007, helping establish both the medical clinic and the garden that helped so many. She was a member of some of the earliest collective gardens in Washington State and her own non profits have always striven to provide for the needs of patients in her community.

Additionally, she is co-founder of, which went online late 2006/early 2007. Supported by Bruce Margolin, Jack Herer, Voter Power, Lucas Hemp Company, and many others Gloria traveled (via foot and thumb) thousands of miles from fall 2006 through spring 2008 handing out unique fliers/posters at hemp education events, concerts, and festivals. In Oregon, Gloria worked with David Adkins to initiate the process of obtaining official 501c4 status for DANKinfo. This process was never finalized due to a lack of funding and interest.

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This is not her only such effort. in June 2009, Gloria obtained her Ministerial Ordination from the Universal Life Church. In November of that year, Gloria helped to co-found The Continuum Fellowship of Universal Understanding, a secular membership organization. The Continuum served for most regular attendees the same purpose as a church service. Eventually, the Continuum was formed into a non profit organization in the state of Washington. In July of 2015, the organization went inactive and it is unlikely that the organization can be reactivated prior to the deadline in July 2020.

Gloria’s efforts do not just include cannabis and prison reform; she has dedicated time and/or resources to peace, wage equalization, the movements to free Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal, and supporting the occasional political candidate. She was involved in the 1999 WTO Protests in Seattle and Occupy Seattle.

Her efforts have led her to an intense focus on the prison industrial complex and the 13th Amendment, which she believes is the root of modern mass incarceration. One of her primary goals is the rectification of this Amendment so that thee is no exception allowing for slavery or indentured servitude in the United States.

Victory Gardens are another major focus for Gloria, who believes that those individuals and communities which take part in home and community gardening enjoy more freedom than those whom rely solely on marketplace infrastructure to supply their needs.

From 2009 through 2012 Gloria led cannabis themed ensembles in Fremont Solstice Parade. These efforts included around a hundred people and are indicative of Gloria’s ability to marry activism with art and community leadership. 2019 will see her return to the FAC and the parade with an entry entitled, “Forget Me Not”.

In 2017, Gloria started Glo-Momma Enterprises, her first solo business adventure. Her years of activism have been coupled with lifelong love of all things creative to bring this page to life. In addition to her own art, photography, and projects which are available for purchase through this site, Glo-Momma offers event planning, business services, graphic design, and patient support services.

In these pages you will find current political and social change projects she has initiated; links to Gloria’s past speeches, links to MOIST videos, information on other current “film” projects; photography and crafts for sale; a link to purchase her first book “What To Do When a Loved One is Arrested”; teasers for large scale education, property acquisition, and community garden projects; links to friends’, family and supporters’ pages and more. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the page.